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The Arcanum

Kingkiller Chronicle fans

The Name of the Wind fans
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Any and all discussions, graphics, fanfics, random musings about The Name of the Wind
This community was created basically because I wanted a place to talk about The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Any discussions about the book, any speculations about upcoming books, any graphics or fan fiction relating to the series, any talk about other works by Patrick Rothfuss, any postings about appearences by Pat, or any random musings about this fantasy world he's created are more than welcome. It goes without saying that you should keep everything clean and respectful, and any spoilers for upcoming books (as it becomes an issue) should be put under cuts, as well as large graphics and fanfics.

I don't expect this to be very active, but if you've found this place you've realized the necessity or at least desire for it. So, let's all share our love of this novel!