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hey so. i haven't read pat rothfuss's books BUT i just wanted to say that today, i was eating at a local chinese all you can eat buffet and i saw patrick rothfuss. and i just thought it was really cool BECAUSE living where i live i have never seen a celebrity. so i thought seeing a famous author was neat. and i just thought i'd tell you all because well. you're probably the only people who'd care.

he seems to like eggrolls and hate razors.

Book 2 Photo Contest!

Hello hello! I'm finally done with college and promise to be a better caretaker for this little community.

On that note, Patrick Rothfuss is holding a photo contest for book 2. The rules can be found here. Pat's been posting a few of the more amusing ones on his Facebook fan page so far. The contest was extended to end May 15th, so there is still time to take a great picture with the book and submit it. Who doesn't want a free prize? I know I do! Happy picture taking!
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Just want to say, glad to find a comm devoted to Rothfuss's masterpiece here on LJ. So hi *waves*
I finished reading A Wise Man's Fears just the other week and I had some theories about what's going on with certain things in it. Anyone else up for a spoiler filled discussion? :)
Personally I thought the book was brilliant, maybe a bit long in some places, and not long enough in others, but over all a good second instalment and left me gagging for the third.
Also, I'm a Denna hater, who's with me? :P
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Evening all! Long time fan but new to the comm, lovely to meet you all, etc etc. Good to see there's somewhere to properly appreciate the magnificence that is The Kingkiller Chronicle. Just thought I'd share with the fan community something that occurred to me when I was rereading NOTW last week in preparation for getting my hands on The Wise Man's Fear (Which, by the by, was awesome)

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Has Book 1's title changed?

There's no spoiler here, I promise.

My copy of "The Wise Man's Fear" arrived this morning, and it's a little bigger than I expected. While this is nothing but good news, I forsee myself buying the Kindle version.

There was one thing I noticed. Right before the title page, there'sa page headed "Also by Patrick Rothfuss from Gollancz" (The UK Publisher).

Just underneath, it lists one title.

"In the Name of the Wind"

Have I missed something here? In the Name of the Wind?

Can't wait until Saturday when I'll get time to start reading.

Happy release day, everyone!

Alright, here it is, the day some of us have been waiting many years for: The Wise Man's Fear is out! What are you doing to celebrate? My hope for each of you is the time to lock yourself away and read the entire book in one setting. I know that's my plan.

Personally, my copy won't arrive until Thursday, which is probably a good thing given the school work I need to get done before then and the fact that I have Friday off. Silly pre-ordering to save money...

Just to reiterate, no spoilers! Put it behind a cut!

Also, check out Patrick Rothfuss' guest appearance in the web comic Girl Genius from yesterday.